Search Engine Optimization

Just having a website in the World Wide Web is like a small fish in the Atlantic, nobody can find or feel the presence. You need the mass to know about your site. There are many ways to do that, like advertising on different media, direct marketing or mass mailing to the target audience etc. But the most effective way to let people know about your site by linking well with search engines.

Statistics says over 90% of the search engine traffic to most Web sites comes from 8 to 10 major search engines. A good ranking in a major search engine like Yahoo, Google, AltaVista, Lycos, WebCrawler or Hotbot will often generate more targeted traffic than an expensive banner advertising campaign – and, a good search engine position is like highly targeted advertising that is both FREE, and effective!

There’s a pervasive myth among Web site managers that submitting your Web site to hundreds of search engines will result in thousands of new visitors. That’s just not true. Submitting alone is not enough. When someone queries a search engine for a keyword related to your site’s products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 matches, or does your competitor's? If you’re listed but not within the first two or three pages of results, you lose, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to.

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