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The Geography of Agra is heavily dependant on its latitudinal and longitudinal position. The geographical position of Agra is 27.18°N and 78.02°E. It is obvious that with such a geographical position Agra enjoys a typical continental climate. That is summers are extremely hot and dry in Calcutta, and the winters are very cold with temperatures sinking close to the freezing point. Under such circumstances, conditions can get really inhospitable in the summer season. Geography of Agra is also affected heavily by the proximity of the city to river Yamuna. River Yamuna alone irrigates a majority of the land in Agra.

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However, industrial pollution and excessive use of river water leaves the Yamuna almost shallow in the summer season. Another interesting feature of the Geography of Agra is that heat waves or andhis as they are locally known as are very common during the summers. As India is a monsoonal country, most of the precipitation is caused during the rainy season. Rainfall is unpredictable but majority of it is seen from July to September. Geography of Agra, is such that the place enjoys an average elevation of 171 meters. To the west of Agra is Bharatpur. Bharatpur is famous across the world for its bird sanctuary. To the north of Agra lies Mathura, the hometown of Lord Krishna. Dhaulapur lies to its south and Firozabad is on the east of Agra. To the south east of Agra is Fatehbad. The city of Agra is well connected by road and railways to all parts of the country.
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